The Menswork Project

The Menswork Project

Better Men - Better World

Peter Efford - Facilitator

Peter co-founded The Menswork Project (MWP) in 2001 with Wes Carter, after 5 previous years of partnering countless workshops, retreats and events related to men’s health and wellbeing. In 2005, The Elder’s Way was born, running twice yearly in Ubud, and has become a flagship program of MWP. In 2017 Peter published The Momentum Concept, a source document designed to create an overview and the origins of unhealthy masculine behaviour, patriarchy and power, it’s impact on Planet Earth, and our need for a gender-equal and cooperative future with an emphasis on educating boys. Peter is a recognised Elder in the Australian men’s community and brings a wealth of practical and experiential wisdom to The Elder’s Way

John Broadbent - Facilitator

John is an engaged father to 2 sons, a husband and a business owner. He has actively been involved in men’s work for almost 30 years, published ‘Man Unplugged – Exploring The Inner Man’ and continues to explore his own eldership by helping other men take their inward journey with clarity of purpose and support. He too has experienced the enhanced richness and fullness of life, resulting from men’s work and how that has deeply supported his own unfoldment. John oers this retreat as part of his own eldering journey, paying forward the support and encouragement he’s received from those elders whose shoulders on which he consciously stands.