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The MensWork Project Inc is an incorporated, not for profit action group who work to develop and present programs that bring about positive changes in issues related to men and boys.’


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Let's Talk

In our community, men talking with men in groups has become a way to get together and share with one another issues in their lives without the fear of ridicule or judgment. We think it is a natural and respected part of being a man. It can also be very rewarding. We have regular events for men and women and anybody is welcome. Why not join us?

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Our Programs

We are a group of men who, for many years, have been involved in creating innovative and effective personal development programs for men. These programs help support men in understanding their life’s journey and finding the tools which will see them through the issues men often confront in their lives. For detailed information see the Programs section.

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Men in Relationship Workshops

A special opportunity for men seeking a greater understanding of themselves and improvement around relationship, family and parenting. Scheduled for mid year

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A Man’s Journey

[In Bali] - An opportunity to explore the sources of life's experiences that have created the man you are, and what you choose to acknowledge or change. 2nd - 9th December 2017

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The Elders Way

[In Bali] - For men 50 and over, invites men to explore the remarkable world of Eldership. To know that later life is a place of accomplishment, grace and wisdom. 22nd - 29th Nov.

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