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What’s next!

Its getting close to our flagship moment with The Menswork Project. The Men in Bali Programs are on the way. Starting Saturday May 9th until Saturday16th we present A Man’s Journey, in Bali with Wes Carter and Geoff Paull. There are places left, but remember we take only 8 men and its getting towards crunch to time about committing to a life changing, adventureĀ  with other like mended men in the extraordinary setting. Hope you can make it. Its also The Elders Way straight after with Wes Carter and Peter Efford. Tuesday 12th May until the 19th. Great opportunity for older men to explorethe great adventure of older age. Yes it really is the best time of your life, but there are a few trick about how to make it happen! Nearly full, so hurry if your are up for it! If you look around the site you will notice that we have put some programs on hold in 2015. This is because we are feeling over extended at the moment and are keen to focus on programs that we know we can deliver with our customary efficiency. It is a paradox, thatĀ  in terms of value, both personally for our participants and monetarily, it is more cost effective and sustainable to offer our one week programs in Bali than it is here in Australia. However watch this space! There are some shorter half day programs on the way.