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Wes reports on the World Elder’s Gathering in Hawaii.

Just returned from attending the World Elder Gathering in Hawaii, the event was hosted by The ManKind Project and saw some 150 delegates from across the World including a dozen men and women from WA. My presence was initiated by my wonderful elder brothers David, Peter and Athol, they organised donations to cover my expenses from unknown, kind and generous supporters, I’m humbled by their big-heartedness. I was one of a few ‘non-initiated’ men who were made welcome at the WE Gathering, the format was rather laid back in accord with the Hawaiian way of life and conducted at a fantastic holistic resort, Kalani on Big Island. Kalani host many alternative modalities and largely cater for younger Americans looking for an unconventional lifestyle away from the hustle of mainland USA, great to be among so many young people on the move and holding a brighter view of saving the planet. My observations were to do with the MKP wanting to find and establish some relevant roles for their cohort of elders, both within their organisation and back in the community. This is where my main personal interest lies….how to motivate, encourage and support older men (Women too) in being of service within their families and communities. The questions of Elders, Eldership and Eldering are now taking shape across the World, more interest being shown beyond the stereotyping of old persons being ready for the scrap heap, many new websites, books, articles and places of interest are quite easy to find. New descriptions are taking shape as we struggle for definitions of what is actually relevant and applicable to an ageing population. I’m keen to become involved in the quest for a richer and kinder understanding of conscious ageing, I invite others to join me as we explore many possibilities.   Wes Carter October 2015