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That was a good one!

20160406_061425             Here we are watching a sunrise at Padang Bai as part of our recent The Elders Way in Bali. It was our 30th Bali event and it felt really special. Wonderful responsive and engaging men, keen to take a look at celebrating later life, a Pondok Saraswati venue upgrade in facilities and service including a pool, and not the least because we had the extra facilitation skills of our Elder in Residence, Athol Prior. This is our 15th year of offering programs from the beautiful retreat venue of Pondok Saraswati in Silungan near Ubud. [www.pondoksaraswativillasubud.com/] We have the use of the 4 gracious bungalows, a beautiful garden, wonderful service and food from the staff. No better place to take 8 days out and inquire about what’s next in meaningfully preparing for later life. We were 9 men in all, nourished by one anothers shared contribution and story, and journey. Thanks men, you made it all happen so very graciously. Check out details of our next Elder’s Way, [26th November to 3rd December] in the program section of this site. Come and join us in Bali. You are very welcome.