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Taking a look at 2015

Picture35 Well, we haven’t actually been  hanging out for the past couple of months but we have given ourselves the space to take a look at whats next for The MensWork Project in 2015. Particularly in terms of modifying our programs for fit into more specific categories. So for next year you can expect a focus on Fathering, A workshop for Men working with Men, [supported by Australia Post] and Separated Men. You can also expect some announcements of pilot programs, such as working with boys in Schools, and an interface forum concerning the big picture of working with men in Western Australia. You can find dates for our regular favourites, the Bali programs are already booked in, along with a new look Fathers program, and of course Size Matters. As well we have 6 Mens Breakfasts planned, and a few surprises along the way.