The Elders Way – Now held in WA

For men 50 and over, invites men to explore the remarkable world of Eldership. To know that later life is a place of accomplishment, grace and wisdom.



The Elders Way is The MensWork Project’s flagship program. It was developed in 2007 and to date has been held 36 times as retreats in Bali. It has continued to create deep and enriching insight for many men into celebrating later life and giving them the gift of eldership to take back into their families and the wider community. 

Grandad Coping

Designed for men aged 50 and over, this is an opportunity for you to explore the potential of your last great journey in life. Far from being a place of placid ‘retirement’, The Elders Way challenges you to claim and celebrate this magnificent period of your life as a precious gift and reward for your accomplishment and contribution to yourself and to others. You will experience and share about letting go, detachment, wisdom, blessing, witnessing, creativity and the homecoming of spirit and the heart. Deeper, we will carefully and respectfully journey towards the great domains of your frailty and dying, knowing that even here there is much to be accomplished. Elders are a much needed resource within our community, there is work to do!

What happens?

Lots of considerate, safe and respectful personal development group work, innovative workshop processes and sharing circles. Nothing boring! Some ritual work and plenty of reflection time. Great conversations and mateship. These unique group experiences offer men an authentic, safe opportunity to go to the essence of themselves, to share and explore as a potential springboard to the next part of your life’s journey.

What’s in it for you? Past participants report:

  • A willingness to let go of past issues
  • A clearer understanding of what they want to do in the future
  • Enriched sense of family and place
  • A willingness to know and accept their life’s journey
  • Self-respect and respect for others
  • Enriched and deeper insight into their life’s purpose
  • A freedom to be with other men
  • Ability to make time and space for themselves
  • An appreciation of spirit
  • Understanding of their place in community
  • Respect from others  A sense of purpose around creativity

“I have gained  so many insights through the course with the excellent facilitators Wes Carter and Peter Efford. The care and consideration for my well-being was ever present during the experience. For me I found the concepts easy to understand and ultimately that I could accept and  embrace them as part of my continuing journey through life, I encourage any man to take the next step, go deep inside and come out the other side with renewed enthusiasm for life and all that it holds, any doubts, please call me. Kenn M”

The Elder’s Way Program Hosts


Wes Carter OAM….Wes has 30 years’ experience conducting personal development group work with men and women. A pioneer of the Men’s movement in Australia, he has committed his life to exploring and contributing to the well being of people. A recipient of numerous awards for his work in the field of men’s health and well being. From his deep source of life experience, he shares and facilitates with rich, resonate compassion. His work has touched 100’s of lives. Wes is absolutely committed, he brings humour, challenge, support and life experience to this important work among men. Click here to find out more about Wes.

Peter Efford…. In the 80’s, Peter participated in many personal development modalities, which he continues to pursue to the present. During this time he also studied a wide range of facilitation, presentation and counselling techniques. From 1987 until 1992 he was chairman of The Hunger Project in Australia.

Peter became interested in Menswork and  met Wes Carter in the early 90’s and with Wes and others was a  founding member of The Menswork Project. Together with Wes he has participated in and organised very many events, workshops, gathering and  special projects for men over the past 20 years both in Australia and internationally. Peter is also a member of the original Menswork men’s group the non-project arm of MWP.

Wes and Peter set up the Men in Bali programs and these programs remain a major focus of his work with men. In particular Peter has developed the reflective component of The Elders Way by creating ways in which men can look at the opportunity to later life and Eldership.

Peter is married with two adult children and is also a grandfather. Click here to find out more about Peter

New Host!

For our future programs we will be including the support of Adam Majrouh. Adam is a member of the Menswork Project Team and has recently completed the Elders Way in WA program. Adam is an experienced facilitator and will also be contributing to the development of the program. He also brings a depth of experience in holding a space for group work and along with the Team of The Menswork Project will support the structure and follow up experience and process of participants.

DATES:  To be Confirmed

LOCATION: To be Confirmed


Wednesday:  9am until 4pm – Refreshments and lunch provided.

Thursday:    9am until 12 noon – Refreshments and lunch provided. Afternoon at your home.

Friday:            9am until 4pm – Refreshments and lunch provided

Saturday:       10am until 1pm at venue to be advised – lunch provided

You will require your own transport to the venue.


$500 (including non-refundable fee of $100)

Booking for The Elder’s Way

We encourage you to plan ahead to claim your space well in advance. All bookings need to be accompanied with a $100 non-refundable deposit using EFT – Westpac Bank; The MensWork Project Inc., BSB 036041; A/c No 155572.

Please include your name on any EFT transaction


There are a limited number of places available on the retreats so we need to manage bookings carefully. Therefore, cancellations less than 60 days before the start date forfeit 100% of deposit payment. We will refund the deposit if we can fill the cancelled place. Cancellations between 60 and 90 days before start date forfeit 50% of deposit payment unless we can fill the cancelled place. If we cancel the retreat for any reason a full refund of your deposit will be made to all participants.

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Upcoming Dates

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