Secret Men’s Business, for Women only.

What makes men REALLY tick?


A new look at men-women relationships

"Dad" MensWork Project members have great insight into the important work of men developing into great partners, parents, lovers, workers. We want to share with women some of the ideas and skills we have all gathered in the belief this important sharing will deliver great benefits to families in all the ways men are part of them.   In this workshop we reveal some male processes and characteristics that men may have tried to keep secret, so women might better understand how the effects of male socialisation and stereotyping work and impact on others. We also expect to learn more about women’s perceptions and experiences of their men and use this information to continue our work with men and the important people in their lives.   It is an opportunity for women to share their insights together and within a framework of respected listening about the masculine condition.

 Some of the propositions we expect to explore every time we sit with women are:

  • Men (and women) can grow emotionally, learn continuously and change behavior at any stage of their lives
  • Men who are supported when considering their conditioning and socialisation and how that shapes their behavior, decisions and relationship experiences are more likely to courageously accept opportunities for change.
  • To fully enjoy male-female relationships, we need to move beyond the restrictive male models of Protector, Provider and Procreator into the emergence of fully functional, empathic and respectful men.
  • Men are often in denial of issues in their lives and are sometimes unable to access the true feelings that indicate issues are impacting them. The result is often suspicious, protective, untrusting and competitive behavior.
  • Dropping the forms of character and behavior outlined above and learning new effective ways of relating to other men and women opens the opportunity for the true beauty of maleness to emerge.
A small number of women can share this workshop with us – could this be the opportunity you have been waiting for? In focusing on mens issues, it is not our intention to minimise the issues that women face. Men owe a debt of gratitude to those women who have spoken out in their efforts to bring about change within our sexist culture, but also to free men to be more fully themselves. Unless men can emerge from the darkness, and the restrictive male roles that are so readily accepted, we will continue to comply with these societal expectations. Your host for this workshop has a successful history of presenting personal growth events: Wes Carter – has 30 years’ experience conducting personal development group work with men and women. A pioneer of the Men’s movement in Australia, he has committed his life to exploring and contributing to the well being of people. A recipient of numerous awards for his work in the field of men’s health and well being. From his deep source of life experience, he shares and facilitates with rich, resonate compassion. Wes is absolutely committed, he brings humour, challenge, support and life experience to this important work among men. This program is delivered on request from interested groups. It is ideal for community centre presentations and is always very popular. Ideal grouping is 15 women. Lots of fun and and insights. To ensure a quality experience group numbers are limited. Please register early! For more details contact Wes Carter     Save Save

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