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A new year beckons!

We are back in action for 2018 and you will see from our home page that our advertised program content this year if focused on our Men in Bali programs. These programs have established The Menswork Project as a leader in offering deep life changing, insightful programs for  men and potential Elders to experience the privilege of what it really means to be a man . These are not ‘fix it’ programs, rather they are a deep and powerful inquiry about where we men stand in the matter of masculinity, our personal journey, and our responsibility to ourselves and our community. 30 odd programs on, A Man’s Journey and The Elders Way stand as a continuing master classes of potent and life changing personal self discovery.

We have some special offerings in store for 2018, in late March we will be letting you know more about our think tank inquiry ‘The MoMENtum Concept’ a compelling evaluation of the male dominance and its impact on the lives of us all.

As well we will be announcing new affiliations as we share and value the co-operation of like minded cross gender programs offerings into the community. Watch this space.