The Menswork Project leadership is made up of highly experienced men who have an extensive background in personal development facilitation. We also call on the services of other specialist facilitators depending on the orientation of the program. Our facilitators are passionate about supporting men in finding their own realisations about what is facing them in their life and becoming the authors of their own solutions.

Jeremy Ingham

Jeremy is the co-ordinator and chairman of The Menswork Project as well a co- facilitator of our Men in Bali programs.

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Wes Carter OAM

Wes has been organising, participating, facilitating and leading men's groups since 1985. All of Wes’ highs and lows have given him the strength, courage and conviction to want to continue working with people and make available his own life stories as part of a universal human journey.

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Peter Efford

Peter is a compasionate natural leader who works best in an experiential setting with small groups where his instinctual approach and his intuative wisdom is brought out to the betterment of all men present

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Athol Prior

Athol has been involved in diverse modalities in various countries over the last ten years. This includes men’s groups, ManKind and Crucible Project weekends in Australia and the US, MensWork Project offerings and National/International Elders’ Gatherings.

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