Jeremy Ingham

Jeremy was born in Perth in 1952 and grew up in the newly established leafy suburb of Dalkeith. He attended the local primary school and Hollywood Senior High School before deciding to join the Army in 1970, with a view to training as a military pilot – following in his father’s footsteps. This passion was soon extinguished by unfortunate Australian Army attitudes and it wasn’t until many decades later that he again pursued flying training as a hobby rather than a career.


In 1972, following the “Its Time” federal election, one of Prime Minister Whitlam’s early actions was to approve all pending applications for discharge from all military service units and Jeremy headed home to Perth and began a 15 year career in sales and administration in the stationery and office products industry.


In 1990 whilst owning and operating Leeuwin Office Products in Margaret River, Jeremy developed a close friendship with one of the locals who introduced him to the looming potential of the oil and gas industry in WA – and thus a 25 year career in oil and gas operations was born. That career led to Jeremy’s emergence as a highly valued ‘specialist’ in hydrocarbon operations and in 2010 he moved sideways into the training and competency field and developed many skills in creating and delivering high quality programs for the development of new operators in the industry.


Jeremy describes his childhood years as one of an ‘emotional desert’ and when pressed, speaks of the lack of healthy development models in his teenage and young male years. Predictably he was a ‘problem’ child through school and created many stressful situations for his parents and broader family.


Jeremy’s first foray into self-exploration began in 1990 when a broken relationship triggered a passionate desire to halt the apparent dysfunction and damaging way he was moving in the world. Since then he has consistently embraced his own unfolding with excitement and enthusiasm and has maintained a solid commitment to being the best version of Jeremy he can be. His experience includes Future Warrior, Homecoming, Dynamic Breathing, The Grail, Spirit, Sweat Lodge, A Man’s Journey, Australia & New Zealand Men’s Leadership Group, Mankind Project – New Warrior Training Adventure, Avatar, Vision Quest, Ceremonial Burial, Landmark Forum and Communication and Power, Moyzscha Belle’s Shamanic Training, The Elders Way, Journey to the Heart of the Masculine, WA Men’s Gathering (2016 Chairman) and several men’s groups in the south west of WA and suburban Perth. He is something of a personal growth ‘junkie’.


As a facilitator, presenter and co-ordinator of men’s work programs and workshops, Jeremy brings his sharp perception and intuition, his pragmatic approach to personal growth, his keen sense of humour and his substantial life experience to the table. He is driven by a desire to contribute to every man having a deeper understanding of himself; identifying ways of being that no longer serve and embracing alternative possibilities for the future.


Jeremy believes in the inherent ‘goodness’ of every human being and that each of us is the ultimate authority in our lives. He also embraces the interconnectedness of all beings and how one man finding his ‘truth’ can impact on all of humanity.