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John C. Robinson… always inspires

Marked phrases from Bedtime Stories for Elders John C Robinson the Author has written many books, all of which I studiously mark with my pen as if capturing words of wisdom and paragraphs that have personal meaning. On this occasion I decided to share some with you, they may have no relevance, but there again………. Start anywhere no matter your age. These points to ponder are only relevant if you have a birthday each year or if you get older on an annual basis! Being involved with the exhausting, soul-numbing, competitive model that is usually masculine and sanctioned by popular culture. Make constant adjustments to your behaviour, attitude and expectations, surprise yourself with the capacity to challenge the set ways in which you conduct your life. Taking revenge on someone else, while usually tempting, produces little emotional growth or benefit. Understanding the ‘purpose’ of relationship struggles and their origins from within our original emotional wounding, Dad & Mum stuff. Reaching various levels of maturity and understanding of life as you age, and knowing that humankind has very little experience with old age so you do that on your own or with some like minded others. Living now into our 70’s and 80’s and beyond, compared to earlier times has now created a new ageing experience and we are required to fill the void with new stories about the meaning of life. Ageing now gives us an opportunity to move deeply into the ultimate transformational potential of eldership, the profound teachings we learned along the way have taken a long time to digest, are you ready? The gold nuggets of wisdom already reside within your own life experience, how will you apply that? Getting “off course” in our life is actually an encouragement to find our way back. Some of us choose to stay wounded rather than find where the meaning lies in failure, we sometimes miss the opportunity to learn from failure. We have all been hurt by life along the way. To heal, we must descend into the underworld of repressed memory and emotion, removing all our familiar and convenient defences and experience both our current and original pain. Delve into the mystery of old age before you arrive there, enter into the realm of imagination and intuition that has lain dormant for most of your already served life. Move into the soul work of inner contemplation as you start to value goodness, generosity, wisdom and love, not only for yourself but what you see in others. If you are really daring, give up all worldly attachments and possessions, which are the essential pre-requisites for initiation, enlightenment and transformation. On second thoughts, skip this one, big ask! So is this one……..move toward death with faith and acceptance, put it to one side and let someone else in your life take care of that issue…….not worth talking about. What activities will allow your imagination to float free of the limitations that you continually impose on yourself. Have you considered poetry, exploring philosophy, religion and history creating art, helping others, all of which will expand your knowledge and experience? See I told you it was random, some of it makes no sense at all!Wes Carter November 2016