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Fathers Day is on September 7th, but as we know fathering or being fathered, or not being fathered happens every day of your life! You have a Dad and you could be a Dad or both. Fathering is unavoidable. September the 7th is not far away. Sadly it hardly gets noticed. In old landline days Telstra used to report that Mothers Day was its biggest user day of the year. Father Day? no action. We run a special weekend program for fathers on 29th/31st August, just a week before fathers day at the Serpentine Retreat Centre south of Perth. It is great opportunity to take a look at Men’s most important role in life. For more information click HERE or go to our programs page.  

About the Fatherhood Project

For Men on the East Coast, The Fatherhood Project is a really good website and entry point about the many aspects of fathering, especially for busy men. To take a look at The Fatherhood Project click HERE The Fatherhood Project is a not-for-profit organisation that supports all fathers to be actively and positively engaged in their children’s lives. Our aim is to improve the health and wellbeing of all children and all families. The Fatherhood Project develops and delivers specialised education, support and mentoring programs for fathers that are uniquely father-focused, including fatherhood mentoring sessions, expectant and new fathers groups and Indigenous fathers circles.

Here is their current video about Fathering. Worth a look.