The Menswork Project is affiliated with a number of groups and organisations and has initiated and supported projects that promote men’s well being. The list below details some of these.

The West Australian Men’s Gathering

The West Australian Men’s Gathering is held anually and provides an opportunity for men to meet together in an environment that encourages honesty, trust, and the true expression of feelings. Website:

The Momentum Concept

The Momentum Concept is an idea initiated by Peter Efford, one of the co-founders of the MensWork Project and developed by a team of people committed to making a difference.

It is about finding a fresh way to talk about how men and women relate in the 21st century and to redress a great unfairness that is being inflicted on us all, now and into the future. The central question it asks is this: How can we men and women live together so that we realise everyone’s full potential as a human being? Website:

Rites Together

Inspired by ancient and indigenous wisdom the contemporary Rites of Passage programs offered by Rites Together recognise that the future of our communities rely on a positive transition of girls and boys into healthy women and men. Throughout human history this has only been achieved through a Rite of Passage. Website:

Men’s Business

Men’s Business is creating purposeful communities of mentors who come together to acquire new skills, inspire each other, and grow and develop as human beings. Website: