About Us

The MensWork Project Inc. is an organisation that creates and delivers special programs to support men wanting to know more about themselves. Men often feel alone and unable to share in how they experience their relationship to family, partners, work, social life, other men and themselves. There is a lot of pressure on men to be a certain way about being a bloke. We enable men to take a look at what’s going on for them about this in a safe and positive environment. It’s great to find out that most men are also experiencing similar issues and stories. We have been established since 2001. We are well respected and very good at what we do. Check out our testimonials. We have programs for and about younger men, men in midlife, men supporting men, fathers, older men and programs especially for women. Our local programs range across seminars, half-day workshops, and weekend retreats. We also run special 8-day retreats for Men in Bali. Whatever part of a Man’s Journey you are in, we can support you in getting more out of your life.


DSCN5260 There are a lot of demands made on men these days. So much so, that we forget that we need to find some space to sort things out. Blokes know this but where do you go to figure it out? Pretty straight forward really. Most men get this way and the answer is to meet and share with other men about what’s going on. This is not in a ‘fix it’ sort of way, but it’s just great to know from other men that they’ve got “stuff” happening too. Common to men in midlife for instance, are issues related to the pressures on their life, and how they cope that often leads to, stress, depression, addiction or compensatory behavior like overwork. For older men, with their working life over or considering retirement, that ‘what’s next’ feeling can lead to a confusion about how to maintain a personally meaningful life in the future. When a bloke decides to take a good hard look at these things, and discovers with other men their commonality, it makes a difference. As well as getting a handle on your own stuff, you get to appreciate and support other men. This makes you feel better about yourself and others get to notice that. Especially your family and friends.


Picture6Healthy men looking for ‘what’s next’ about being a man. Men wanting to change stuff. Men wanting to appreciate the company of good men. Men wanting to make meaningful friendships. Men looking for deeper meaning in their life. Men seeking to understand more about being a Dad. Men wanting to get the most out of their life. Picture9Younger Men A great way to find out what it’s like to be a man is to hang out with some good older blokes who you can trust. Not really old, but guys who have been around just a bit longer than you. They will feel honoured to have you around and will really respect that you want to know about what’s coming up for you.This is called positive male modeling. It’s the best life skill education you can get. No joke!!


There are many support services related to mens issues such as depression, addiction, anger, alcohol, abuse and violence. The Menswork Project is not one of these services. If you need direct help or have a persistent condition related to any of the above click here.


  • Long established, not for profit, independent, non-aligned community based organisation We have been formally operating as The Menswork Project since 2001, but well before then a group of us had got together to develop occasional workshops for men, and to organize the annual Western Australian Men’s Gathering. We have helped to establish and support many initiatives related to ‘Menswork’ in Western Australia particularly in the development of Pathways to Manhood programs, and the through our long term association with the Men’s Advisory Network, Men’s Wellbeing Assn. For further information go to Menswork Project; History
  • Strong Leadership You don’t have to be around Menswork for very long before the name Wes Carter pops up. He is the founder of The Menswork Project and regarded as a pioneer of the ‘men’s movement’ in Australia. He, along with respected leaders Peter Efford are our founder members. Our current dedicated team are Harry Pearson, Gary Scott, Adam Majourh, Steve Morell and Graeme Grose.
Together these men have the experience, vision and commitment to professionally lead Menswork into the future.
  • Strong ethos We work with men in a respectful way. Our priority is that men trust and feel safe inside the programs that we deliver. We give our participants room for consideration, and time to evaluate their progress. We consider creature comfort and abundance to be a supporting factor for groups of men participating in our programs. To do this, our participant numbers are limited so that each man can feel acknowledged and respected. We avoid generalisations or formulaic approaches to Menswork. Each man has his own story and needs to be heard for who he is. Local programs limited to 18 men. Men in Bali programs limited to 8 men.
  • Action based Men don’t like sitting around all day waiting for pearls of wisdom. We don’t work that way. Our programs are action based where you get to become realistically  involved with the issue that you are looking at. No spotlight, just a way for moving with the problem in an experiential way. This has the added value of having more than just your head reach conclusions, your body and heart get to have a say also. Mostly this approach is more engaging and a proven way to help create change. You wont ever be bored doing this work. Humour and sharing is a big part of it also, be prepared for some really out there stuff, movement, companionship, good food, outdoor work and deep realisations.
  • Great track record We are proud of our success rate. Most of the men who do our work keep in touch and let us know how they are traveling. It feels like a very big club. Our Men in Bali, Facilitator and one day programs are supported by testimonials and honest feedback sheets that keep us on the ball in terms of the value of what we do, Mostly, however it is the support of the community of men who have done our programs that keeps us buoyant and encouraged. We have had many return participants. Not because ‘they didn’t get it the first time’ but because this work is always worth a top up, and its so rewarding to do.
  • Highly respected in Australia We have been around for a long time. [History] Our leaders and facilitators are part of a national and international network of mensworksers. We are associates of the Men’s Advisory Network and the National Men’s Forum, as well as being represented in numerous advisory capacities with initiatives related to men. We maintain important links with fellow organisations and key menswork individuals throughout Australia. We are participants and guest presenters at state and National gatherings of men. The Menswork Project instigated the concept of Eldering into Australia, being the first group to specifically acknowledge the role of the elder in Gatherings. In 2012 we hosted the National Elders Gathering. Out track record leads back to the mid Eighties when Wes Carter got all of this, and much more started.
  • Innovative, potent and audacious events and programs We pride ourselves in creating relevant and engaging programs and special events for men. They range from ‘toe in the water’, half day tasters to the remarkable 8 day Men in Bali programs. We are constantly reviewing our programs in order to offer the best possible opportunities for our participants.We offer a wide range of modalities, from deep intense ritual and heart work to spacious and liberating adventures, lots of fun and a most important ingredient, time out for nurturing that important bloke in your life …you. Within the high levels of respect, safety and confidentiality we maintain with all of our programs we encourage, humour, curiosity and the unexpected.
  • Incubator of emerging talents, skills and ideas Take a look at our history page. There are some extraordinary men, moments and events recorded there that offer a glimpse of the range of men and their ideas that have shaped our present day Menswork Project, and many initiatives that have a ‘life of their own’ out in the community because we were able to nurture their realisation. Notable is the founding concept of The Western Australian Men’s Health and Wellbeing Association in the mid 90’s. Its concept heralded a proliferation of similar organisations around Australia. As well the resulting Men’s Gatherings, that are organised by these associations or there anticedent had their genesis in WA under Wes Carters leadership. This is an opportunity to acknowledge the work of Andrew Horabin, Gary Williams, the late Peter Fry and Geoff Paul, past members of The Menswork Project’s men’s group, who have gone on to make a difference in Menswork in Australia.
  • Founding influence on the concept of Eldering in Australia In 2007, Andrew Horabin, then a member of The Menswork Project introduced the idea of creating awareness around the concept of Eldering in Western Australia. He challenged the Elder members, Wes Carter, Peter Fry and Peter Efford to help him instigate the concept within Men’s Gatherings. This happened and today Elders induction ceremonies take place at men’s gatherings right across Australia.  The benefits of positive aging and the value and contribution of older people in our community is now considered to be a cornerstone of a model community grouping that is growing momentum and acceptance.
  • Strong forward vision and potential The Menswork Project looks to a future where men can re-establish and uphold as a social norm, the sustaining values of masculinity that enable and dignify men as a contribution to the well being of all, women, children, other men, themselves and the planet. That men honour one another and understand, and demonstrate harmonious, positive masculine values.
  • Great future We are well into our second decade of existence of offering relevant up to date programs for men. More recently we have expanded our executive membership and taken a good look at succession planning. We have also workshopped our potential future, both in the nature and relevance of our programs and to look at what else we can contribute to community through our adversarial work. We know that the changing culture of masculinity will be informed by expanding social networks and access to knowledge, information and truths that have never before been accessible. We are already looking at how we connect with and support men in a world that is going to look very different in the future.