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2019 – Exciting year ahead!

This is a transition year for The Menswork Project.
Founder members Wes Carter and Peter Efford will be stepping aside from administrative duties, both to concentrate on further initiatives within MWP.
Wes, to participate in further Men in Bali programs as well as facilitation workshop as a trainer and advisor and Peter to finalise the launch of the Momentum Concept, an initiative incubated by MWP.
Our ‘Men in Bali’ The Elders Way program has now gone national and being operated from the East Coast by John Broardbent and Tim Fisk, both well established presenters of menswork.
As well we are expanding our ‘incubation’ concept to include a grouping of Western Australian initiatives being considered and developed within the auspices of MWP. Eight potential projects are in the pipeline. Their developers benefit from their joint interface with MWP and, most importantly, with each other. Roll on 2019!